How to start TikTok as a (Personal) Brand

Learn how to create your first TikTok vertical video as a professional brand or personal brand in nine steps! TikTok has been the social media platform of the hour – for months. Reason enough to investigate how a brand or personal brand can benefit from the TikTok hype.

Ever since instagram announced that they were a video platform, it has been clear: if you want to achieve coverage and growth on your professional social media channels in the future, you have to learn how to create good vertical videos. This applies to both brands and personal brands. Vertical Videos are videos in portrait format that are perfectly matched to the portrait format of your smartphone.

If you want to grow organically these days, you can do so best through these vertical videos. On instagram they are called reels. In contrast to contributions and stories, verticals are currently heavily supported by social networks and even small creators get a lot of reach as a result.

Reason enough as a brand to jump on the TikTok train before it is too late. I know from my own experience how much it can cost to overcome it. The TikTok platform is so special with its speed and energy that it takes time to understand it. And that is necessary in order to create the right content and to feel comfortable on the platform as a creator.

After extensive research, I found out for you (and me) what the optimal start on TikTok looks like. So let’s be brave together and create the first vertical videos. Here we go!

☞ How to how to succeed as a TikTok starter!

Learn how to create your first TikTok vertical video as a professional (personal) brand

  1. Take your time initially!
  2. Ask Generation Z for their opinion on your concept
  3. Get support from an experienced TikTok creator who is already fluent in the language of the platform
  4. Have courage and try different types of video. The most important question is: is your viewer having fun?
  5. Listen to your community! Take the time to read their feedback and take their suggestions for improvement seriously
  6. Don’t put too much advertising on a video, because TikTok doesn’t like that (they call it ad fatigue)
  7. For more reach, connect your TikTok content to your other social media accounts, for example with a competition on Instagram
  8. Classic commercials have no place on TikTok! Away with it!
  9. You don’t need expensive equipment, but: a ring light and a microphone for your mobile phone will bring you and your content to the next level

One more point: TikTok itself provides a whole range of tips and instructions for creator. You can find them here in the TikTok Creator Protal.

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