Academic literature has no lobby on social media

Unfortunately, academic literature has no lobby on social media. But packing knowledge into entertaining formats isn’t as easy as I’ve found …

Few is as underrated as textbooks. Academic literature has simply no lobby on social media. Already at the sight of the cover the mouth warps into a yawn. While behind the dreary facade there is often exciting, inspiring and above all thoroughly researched content. They can really enrich you (in contrast to high-handed LinkedIn posts with thousands of views). But because of their unattractive appearance they hardly reach anyone.

The book “Grundfragen der Medienbetriebslehre” by Thomas Dreiskämper is pretty much the best academic textbook that I have ever read. It’s full of smart thoughts, vivid graphics, and practical examples. But: already in the library I thought twice about whether I really wanted to take this heavy, uninspired ham home with me. Textbooks just don’t invite you to read.

My thesis was that content from academic literature simply (haha) has to be packaged in short videos and beautifully designed graphics in order to be inviting and attractive to the interested user. I have tested this thesis on TikTok and Instagram over the past few weeks. By creating different formats, I tried out how academic knowledge can be packed into entertaining verticals and infographics. The aim was to make exciting knowledge accessible to a greater extent than a specialist book can.

I learned that from my experiment

Conclusion: verticals and infographics are not yet the solution. At least not mine. I feel uncomfortable as the protagonist in “funny” reels / TikToks and a long-range, entertaining short video is at the expense of my academic demands on the content. Plus: the whole thing takes an incredible amount of time.
As before, I am of the opinion that many more people would find the content of academic literature, such as that of Thomas Dreiskämper, to be really enriching and important if they would open it once and I would like to motivate and invite them. But not like this.

So I haven’t been able to solve the problem that academic literature has no lobby on social media on my own. But maybe with your help?

Perhaps you have ideas on how to manage the balancing act between academic literature and inviting entertainment? Write me a message on LinkedIn, I’m so looking forward to hear your ideas and thoughts!

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